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Dress Code

Although dance is an art of expression and creativity, we do have some light dress codes at our studio. Not only is following the dress code respectful to your instructors, wearing appropriate dance attire can prevent unnecessary injury and unify the dancers at the studio as a whole. 

Dress Codes by Class



Ballet/Tap/Jazz: These dancers may wear any color or style leotard or dance wear to class. We just ask dancers not to come in school clothes.

Hip Hop: Casual or semi-loose athletic or dance wear. Please no excessively baggy clothing or inappropriate logos.


Ballet/Tap/Jazz: Hair must always be pulled back out of face.

Hip Hop: Hair may be worn to dancers liking as long as it does not interfere with their focus in class.


Ballet: Pink split sole canvas ballet flats

Tap: Black Mary-Jane tap shoes

Hip Hop: Comfortable sneakers

Performance Company/Competition


Ballet/Tap/Jazz: Company dancers must wear tan or pink tights with black leotard to class. Ballet skirts and/or shorts are acceptable.

Hip Hop: Casual or semi-loose athletic or dance wear. Absolutely no excessively baggy pants or offensive or inappropriate logos.


Ballet/Tap/Jazz: Hair must be pulled back out of face with no flyaways and secure enough to not mess with during class.

Hip Hop: Hair may be worn to dancers liking as long as it does not interfere with their focus in class.


Ballet/Jazz: Split sole canvas ballet shoe or half sole canvas lyrical shoe

Tap: Black lace up tap shoes (black mary-janes for mini)

Hip Hop: Comfortable sneakers  

We understand that purchasing tap shoes can be expensive especially when your dancers are in their prime stages of growth. However, we would like to emphasize the importance of purchasing good quality over inexpensive tap shoes that have stiff plastic soles and make your dancers learning experience more difficult and perhaps discouraging. The quality of our tap shoes make a big difference in the sounds your dancer will create with them.

Please continue to donate your outgrown tap shoes to the studio so they may be passed down to younger students in need. THANK YOU!


Dance Shoes and Class Attire Suggestions

Kids Split Sole Canvas Ballet Shoes
Split Sole Canvas Ballet Shoes
Single Sole Lyrical Strap Shoes
Kids Ballet Leotard with attached skirt
Short Sleeve Ballet Leotard - Black
Tank Top Ballet Leotard - Black
Pull On Ballet Wrap Skirt - Black
Ballet Pull On Skirt - Black
Kids Mary Jane Tap Shoes - Black
Kids Black lace up Tap Shoe
Adult black lace up Tap Shoe
Young Adult/Adult Black Dance Shorts
Kids Black Hip Hop Sneakers
Split Sole Black Dance Sneaker
High Waist Loose Flexible Jogger Pants
High Waist Flexible Leggings

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